Ali Ahmadi

Ali Ahmadi

Drilling Department Manager

Mr. Ahmadi is a senior geologist and drilling department manager at DGMTS. His responsibilities include managing geotechnical and geological investigation projects and managing the drilling department assignments such as drilling/coring supervision, soil and rock classifications, non-destructive testing, geophysical investigation, petrographic analysis, cost estimation, hydrology, cut-off walls studies, dam engineering and laboratory testing.

Mr. Ahmadi has over 10 years of experience in both local and international geotechnical engineering and engineering geology. He is a seasoned expert in many geotechnical disciplines including various geotechnical engineering and construction material testing related projects and has worked with US Army Corp of Engineers and other American, German, and Japanese Contractors and Consultants. As a certified Geotechnical Lab Manager, he was involved in more than 100 geotechnical projects, under USACE in Afghanistan, including several dam geotechnical investigation projects. Mr. Ahmadi has extensive knowledge of rock mechanic, geophysical investigation, petrographic analysis, hydrogeology, and cost estimation for geotechnical studies. He has a Bachelors in Geology and a Masters in Engineering Geology.


DGMTS Corporate Office, Chantilly, VA

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