• A SWaM and MBE/DBE Certified Firm

    DGMTS geotechnical engineering team complements specialized expertise
    with knowledge of local and regional regulations and conditions.

  • Instrumentation

    DGMTS has extensive experience in instrumentation and can utilize a wide range of
    both traditional and advanced sensing technologies. Our instrumentation services
    include PDAs, Piezometers, Inclinometers, Vibration, Noise & Crack Monitoring.

  • Special Inspection

    DGMTS provides Third-Party and Special Inspection for a wide range of items
    including single/multi-family dwellings and/or all modifications/renovations for
    building of any type, conforming to applicable codes and specifications requirements.

  • Geotechnical Engineering

    DGMTS provides expert design and civil engineering solutions to large-scale
    projects, including preliminary and design level geotechnical engineering services
    according to client requirements, environmental considerations and approved plans.

  • Construction Materials Testing

    DGMTS handles Quality Assurance/Quality Control and related construction
    inspection and testing of earthwork, concrete, asphalt, and steel associated
    with the construction of roads, airports, buildings, and other civil infrastructure.

  • Laboratory Testing

    DGMTS maintains and operates a complete Geotechnical and Materials
    Testing laboratory accredited by the American Association of State Highway
    and Transportation Officials (AASHTO). We also offer in-stu and PDA testing.

  • Drilling

    All of our drill rigs are equipped with 250 to 350 gallons water tanks
    on-board, state-of-the-art Automatic SPT Hammer to sample subsurface
    profile and undisturbed sampling soil and NQ rock coring capabilities.

Our Services

Geotechnical Engineering

DGMTS offers a complete portfolio of geotechnical engineering services.


DGMTS instrumentation includes PDAs, vibration, noise & crack monitoring.

Special Inspection

DGMTS offers third-party (TTPI), special (SPI) and unique inspections programs.


DGMTS has ATVs & drill rigs with hollow stem auger, mud rotary & rock coring.

Construction Materials Testing

DGMTS offers QA/QC services; concrete, soil, aggregate & asphalt testing.

Laboratory Testing

DGMTS has a full-service laboratory certified by AASHTO and WACEL.